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Please join us on October 26 at 10 am for this talk by Robert Willis, PhD, professor of economics, University of Michigan -- co-presented by the Columbia Aging Center and Taub Institute's Cognitive Neuroscience Division.

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Join us for this joint seminar presented by the Columbia Aging Center and the Department of Health Policy and Management on Wednesday, October 11, at noon.  The seminar will be held in ARB 440, 722 W. 168th Street.


Columbia Aging Center faculty member and Julius B. Richmond Professor of Health Policy and Aging, John W. Rowe, MD, will receive funding from The John A. Hartford Foundation to create a unique "State Aging Index."  The research is conducted by members of the Research Network on an Aging Society who with this funding will extend their recently released "John A.

On September 25, 2017, Columbia Aging Center Director Ursula Staudinger received the 2017 SENECA medal from the The Industry Club Düsseldorf. Following the Roman philosopher of the same name, the acronym SENECA stands for “SENescendi Exquirite CAusas” – “Explore the reasons of aging”.

Nationwide participants in our 2017 Age Boom Academy, pictured below, joined us in New York at the Columbia Journalism School to explore inequities in health, work and retirement over the course of three days. The academy is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and directed by Ruth Finkelstein, in partnership with Bruce Shapiro and Jack Rosenthal.  Below is a sampling of coverage from the journalists who participated.

In a June 22 article in USA Today, Columbia Aging Center faculty member, David Weiss is cited for his work on widely-held aging prejudices: our own.  

The program "Treasures of New York" featured Columbia University's Manhattanville campus and the inauguration of the Jerome L. Greene Science Building which houses the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute and was designed by celebrated architect Renzo Piano. Columbia Aging Center Faculty Research Fellow, Daphna Shohamy, featured.



Faculty member Esteban Calvo has two new publications. The first is “Retirement Sequences of Older Americans: Moderately Destandardized and Highly Stratified Across Gender, Class, and Race” in The Gerontologist, and was co-authored with Ignacio Madero-Cabib and our director Ursula Staudinger. Here sequence analysis was used to model labor-force patterns among older Americans.  The authors were surprised to uncover patterns that seemed more standardized, irreversible, and age graded than previously reported.

MPA student, Christina Norwood '17, was the recipient of the 2017 Regina Loewenstein Prize "for Academic Excellence in Health Policy and Management for Highest Academic Achievement."  The Columbia Aging Center is proud to congratulate former Perspectives on Aging President, Christina Norwood, on this great achievement. Christina also served as the rapporteur for our University Seminar: The Future of Aging Research. She begins a new job at Emory University and we wish her much continued success.