International Longevity Center

Through executive education, corporate partnerships, and engaging in community outreach, the Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center’s Knowledge Transfer activities under the auspices of the International Longevity Center (ILC) seek to foster the transformations necessary to support a society of longer lives by translating the latest research findings in the field of aging into sustainable policy and practice.

The  Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center offers an array of comprehensive consultancy services to both internal and external clients. The strength of our Center lies in the interdisciplinary approach along with perspectives of leading experts in the field that offer valuable insights and practical strategies to design and tailor programs according to practical needs of the organization.Through executive education, corporate partnerships and engagement in community outreach, our expertise lies in translation of latest research findings in the field of aging into sustainable policy-focused practise to support a society of longer lives. 

The Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center offers comprehensive consultancy services to government agencies, NGOs as well as the corporate world to help the society in living longer lives. Our expertise lies in the design and implementation of policy-focused and practise based solutions that uses latest research in the field of aging to address practical needs of an organization.

The Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center facilitates knowledge transfer regarding key issues associated with population aging through programs, seminars, events, and executive education. Learn more about some of the Center’s outreach work below.

Providing diverse older populations with the institutional platforms needed to age healthfully and happily requires that research findings be translated into workable, effective, and sustainable practices and policies.

The first International Longevity Centers (ILCs) were established in the United States in 1990 by Robert Butler M.D., and in Japan by Shigeo Morioka, retired CEO of the Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Company. Today, the ILC Global Alliance is a consortium of 17 ILCs spanning six continents that conduct international, interdisciplinary work that focuses on the potential of societies of longer lives.

View a sampling of the many publications related to aging developed by the International Longevity Center or other organizations.

The Age Smart Employer Awards program -- an initiative of the Robert N Butler Columbia Aging Center and the New York Academy of Medicine, funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation -- addresses the needs of both businesses and older workers by:

  • Researching best practices of NYC employers, especially small businesses
  • Honoring employers who value workers of all ages through an awards program
  • Supporting businesses interested in hiring and retaining older workers