Global Alliance

The 17 ILC-GA member countries: 
1. USA
10. South Africa
2. Dominican Republic
11. India
3. Brazil
12. China
4. Argentina
13. Singapore
5. UK
14. Japan
6. France
15. Australia
7. Netherlands
16. Canada
8. Czech Republic
17. Germany
9. Israel

Aims and Reports 

  1. Devise societies where the human rights and dignity of all people are respected and where people are enabled to enjoy their longevity ina productive and meaningful ways
  2. Ensure that older persons have opportunities to be socially and civically engaged, and to enlighten the public about the resources that older persons possess and contribute to their families, communities, and society
  3. Advocate for the needs and rights of older people on their behalf, especially pertaining to the provision of health care and long-term care.
  4. Conduct training, research, and policy development to identify the ways through which people lead healthy, fulfilling, and active lives throughout the life course

To find out more information about the Global Alliance, read the annual reports, learn about recent events, and explore the ILC-Global Alliance website.


2016 Berlin Demography Forum

Leaders from the ILC Global Alliance meet in February 2016 at the 5th Berlin Demography Forum, “Labour – Perspectives – Prosperity.”


2015 Berlin Demography Forum

Leaders from the ILC Global Alliance met March 18-20 2015 at the 4th Berlin Demography Forum, “Activity – Health – Participation,” to discuss their project “Health Effects of Retirement,” which analyzes data from the Survey of Health Ageing and Retirement in Europe (“SHARE”) and equivalent national and international databases. The project aims to shed light on how early or later retirement affects health and wellbeing.



2013 Singapore Symposium

On June 21, 2013, leaders from the ILC Global Alliance met at the National University of Singapore for a daylong symposium titled, “The Future of Ageing.”

The goal of the meeting was to start discussion and a dialogue on how to envision a society in which the rights, needs and aspirations of all people – specifically older people – may be included in all aspects of policy formulation, planning and implementation.  The symposium focused on four thematic areas under this theme: 1) Income security; 2) Health and healthcare; 3) Empowerment and social participation; and, 4) Lifelong learning.