Our goal is to communicate innovative ways to impact policy and raise visibility for practices that are effective at improving the work, culture, and health in a time of unprecedented longevity.    Three signature projects are:

Age Smart Employer Awards: Because the economic and health benefits of working longer have been elucidated and because adults over 55 represent over 18% of New York City's workforce, the aim of this program is to guide employers to institute practices and create workplaces that encourages different generations to work productively and profitably side-by-side.

Exceeding Expectations: Our award-winning digital narrative project chronicles the lives of 20 older New Yorkers in order to disrupt prevailing stereotypes about aging. There is no one way to be old, just as there is not one way to be young.

Age Boom Academy: Each year since it was established in 2000 by Robert N. Butler and Jack Rosenthal of the New York Times Foundation, this training program brings journalists from all media together with aging researchers over the course of several days to learn from each other how best to communicate complex research about work, health, technology, and aging. Age Boom Academy is a project of the Columbia Aging Center and is run in partnership with the Columbia School of Journalism.


The Columbia Aging Center gratefully recognizes the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the New York Community Trust for their project support.