CAC Faculty Members cited in reference to President Biden turning 80

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Faculty members Daniel Belsky, PhD and John Rowe, MD were cited in reference to news about President Biden becoming an octogenarian. Belsky shared in The Washington Post how understanding the difference between chronological age and biological age supports the growing number of octogenarians in the workforce. "The number of years since a person's birth, or chronological age, matters less than their biological age - how well their bodies and brains are functioning. An 80-year-old today and an 80-year-old 20 years ago represent different pocket of individuals; they're not directly comparable." Similarly, Rowe shared in a New York Times article that there are a lot of factors going into Mr. Biden's favor to remain productive and healthy such as being highly educated, having a highly stimulating job, and healthy behaviors such as exercise and not smoking. His race is also an important factor - the life expectancy for the average white, 80-year-old man is another eight years.